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Digital Ethics by Futurist Gerd Leonhard - Issue #4

This newsletter is a highly curated weekly collection of topics and opinions that will hopefully add

Digital Ethics by Futurist Gerd Leonhard

February 12 · Issue #4 · View online
Futurist Gerd Leonhard's latest findings from the intersection of humanity and technology, focusing on Digital Ethics i.e. the ethics of exponential technological change and related Technology/Humanity topics

This newsletter is a highly curated weekly collection of topics and opinions that will hopefully add some momentum to the Digital Ethics conversation.
I am always interested in your opinion so please feel free to ping me anytime with comments or feedback.
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Zurich / Switzerland
This newsletter is co-created by Futures Agency Curator Peter Van
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Welcome to the fourth issue of my Digital Ethics Newsletter. This week, I am sharing some interesting book reviews as well as some excellent long reads on Digital Ethics. And so that not everything is doom and gloom, I included some positivist views to the conversation.
I hope you like it. Please feel free to share your feedback and input on social media (see links below). Thanks for reading!
Evgeny Morozov dissects "Surveillance Capitalism"
Rushkoff: Team Human vs. Team AI 👈
Australian Robo-debt scheme is a matter of government ethics
The Facebook case study on digital ethics, continued
Facebook’s 15th anniversary: more critique than party
Angela Merkel Quits Facebook: after the cheers, ethical questions are raised
Is Facebook gunning for our relationships?
China wants to become #1 in AI at all cost 😱
The Future of AI Ethics will require action NOW (says Matthew Biggins)
The 3 steps of AI, graph by Gerd Leonhard: IA (intelligent assistance) is 95% today
Joi Ito analyses algorithms in the insurance industry: the danger of more inequality and discrimination ⛔️
A new 'Council on Extended Intelligence' 💪
My call for a Global Digital Ethics Council
Disturbing things
The surveillance state is no longer limited to the state: 50% is in private hands
The protection of wealth and power stands in the way of making tech more human
Adds Gerd: With great power comes great responsibility!
Snippet of the week
Why the Post-Human Future is a Fairytale ⚠️
Podcast on Chapter 2 of my book ‘Technology vs. Humanity’: Tech vs … US? 👁
This is probably the best ethical question to ask: "Should This Exist?
Meme of the week
Pinker meets Rosling: Humanism is the “goal of maximizing human flourishing"
Gerd's Latest
My website has been completely redesigned! 👁👁
Best moments and key messages from my 2018 keynotes
Tinder for dogs?
Cartoon by Steiner
That’s it for this week. I’ll be back next Tuesday with the fifth edition of our newsletter.
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Bonus: meet Gerd Leonhard Author of Technology vs Humanity #techvshuman for his talk at @EmiratesLitFest March 2 in Dubai
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